Courage in Darkness

It all starts in darkness
1st adventure

The characters awake in the complete dark sitting at a table of rotten food posed in positions as if they had just fallen asleep. The only thing they can remember is that they were in the Silver Crescent Tavern discussing ways to get their hands on the obsidian sword for Grandma Greenmire. They also remember hearing the name Vonmere at some point while they were out.

With the use of light, the discover that the Constable’s daughter was killed with Torian’s own knife. The characters are then assaulted from both sides by zombies that have been drawn to their location with blood on the floor.

With lots of twirling by Dunder and head smashing by Taki, the PC defeat the zombies and move on to search for a way out. Shortly there after Rhyley is searching a sarcophagus when a swarm of rats over run him. The rats are dealt with quickly. The find the exit to the family tomb and are greeted by a confused graveyard worker cleaning the area. It was discovered that the group had been out for at least 3 days and were drugged by the taste of bitterness in their mouths (zombie goo in the case of Rhyley).

The group returns to Portal’s Rest to find the town in an uproar.


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